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SMS Pack by Dr. Lam
SMS Pack by Dr. Lam
List Price: $122.88
Our Price: $94.80

    23% Off!

You save $28.08!

SMI Pack by Dr.Lam consists of Adrenal Calm, Adrenal Stay Asleep, FermPlex S, and Melamax, a combination of nutrients that will help calm down the body during sleep and allow for rest at night. more info
Alldrenal by Dr. Lam - 1 Month Supply
Alldrenal by Dr. Lam - 1 Month Supply
List Price: $187.96
Our Price: $149.00
You save $38.96!

Dr. Lam's Alldrenal is a full spectrum nutrient system designed to replenish diminished adrenal levels. Alldrenal consists of 4 clinically proven formulas that contains all natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to promote a healthy adrenal gland.

Dr. Lam's Adrenal Stress Control™ is a technologically advanced adrenal, cardiovascular and collagen building health drink formulated in a special matrix of prebiotics, amino acids, vitamins, and immune-enhancing nutrients.

Dr. Lam's Adrenal Daily Nutrient™ provides valuable foundational nutrients and antioxidants derived from optimum blends of fruits and vegetables, along with a complete multivitamin spectrum essential for optimum adrenal function.

Dr. Lam's Pandrenal™ supports your adrenals and takes charge of your lipid levels with a safe, effective nutritional support! This high-bioavailability metabolite of vitamin B-5 helps maintain a favorable lipid balance to promote healthy cardiovascular function.

Dr. Lam's Adrenal Rescue™ is a comprehensive formulation specifically designed to provide important building blocks to support your stressed and fatigued adrenals, while also providing support for a healthier liver function naturally.

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